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Raylee Marfell

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Helping people to help themselves

With 25+ years’ work experience, in both Public and Private sectors, the work I’ve most enjoyed is when I work with individuals, teams and organisations, to focus on the things that can make a real difference to workplace wellbeing and enjoyment. I believe that most people come to work and want to enjoy the experience. I also know and appreciate that things aren’t always plain sailing and people need help to work through an issue or concern. Sometimes independent assistance can help resolve workplace issues. I am a trusted facilitator who helps people understand and resolve workplace issues. I regularly work with groups and individuals to help them achieve successful outcomes. I know the key to achieving positive and pragmatic solutions is to create a forum that allows respectful, safe and structured conversations.

Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to discuss a workplace challenge that is affecting you and/or others.

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My portfolio includes investigations, coaching, and also organisational and people development.

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Investigations – Getting below the surface

I undertake independent workplace investigations for employers providing robust reliable findings and reports without delay. I believe we should use the right intervention to gain maximum impact with minimal harm. To achieve this, we need to move away from adversarial to constructive dialogue and balance humanity with pragmatics.

I am a graduate of the Association of Workplace Investigators Training Institute and have been trained in the PEACE model. In this space I offer 3 options.

  • Offering 1 – Containment (fact finding, unpack what’s actually going on, exploring other remedies)
  • Offering 2 – Full Monty (full investigation, prompt, impartial and thorough)
  • Offering 3 – Reconnection (rebuild teams and help individuals to move on)
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Coaching – Helping people to help themselves

My approach is to explore the whole system to understand and explore the cause and effect. As a coach I translate observations and work on helping to expand perspectives. I offer individual and team coaching to improve performance and resolving conflict. I believe that coaching offers real time learning that is tailored to the development needs of individuals and teams. Ongoing coaching provides support for the change process to occur. Coaching conversations challenge and stretch for growth.

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Organisational and People Development – Real people, Real challenges, Real results

My tool box of topics and workshops to navigate the real world include topics on:

  • Learning to learn
  • Change management
  • Organisational and team reviews
  • Understanding relationships
  • Developing conflict competence
  • Exploring mindsets
  • Difficult conversations
  • Courageous conversations
  • Behaviour management
  • Understanding the link between emotions, behaviours and performance
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Get in touch


Phone number: 021 258 9899

Street address: 405/38 Jessie Street
Te Aro, Wellington